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SFG Care

Text with a Doctor


Individual and Small Business

SFG Dental Care

Dental for the whole family

SFG Vision Care

Vision for the whole family

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Speak with a team member right away.

Available 24/7/365, whether it’s setting up a doctor’s appointment, scheduling scans, or simply answering a healthcare question.


Improved Healthcare

Simple and cost-effective

Your employees will feel guided and taken care of with 24/7 access and protection against high dollar medical expenses.

Reduce Out-Of-Pocket Health Insurance Expenses While Maximizing Services Available to You and All of Your Employees.

  • Premiums are less than an ACA plan
  • Biggest reduction will happen as a result of your employees and their families will have access to a healthcare professional 24/7/365
  • Find the lowest cost on prescription drugs, lab tests and other procedures that are many times two and three times the cost for you

Services Include


Mental Health

No Cost Tele-Counseling



Protection against high-dollar medical expenses



Pay the right price


Open Network

Freedom to choose your own provider


Right Care at the Right Price

Never pay more than you should


National Direct Primary Care

Virtual, in-office and specialist visits


Routine Labs & Immunizations

Pay the right price


Prescription Discounts

We’ll help fill your prescriptions at a fair price


24/Hr English & Spanish

EverydayCARE® also includes English and Spanish speaking professionals 24/7.

Right Care Right Price

Prescription Support
Medications can be very expensive, but as a member, we’ll navigate the pharmaceutical world for you, ensuring you get your prescriptions at a fair price.
Physician-to-Physician Case Management
Members receive personal physician guidance for routine and non-routine care.
Patient Assistance Programs
Not only do we coordinate care and make sure you are receiving a fair price, but we also assist in finding ways to pay for the care when you are unable.
Serious Condition 2nd Opinion Program
Working together to provide one-of-a-kind comfort.

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The Steele Podcast

Beg Borrow Steele is an All-American journey into the life, lessons, and experiences of some of the most influential leaders in almost every industry.  The world is changing rapidly. Changes within the next three to five years will transform some industries, push others to the verge of extinction, and pivot a select few to the moon.

Beg is a deep desire to fill a need.

Borrow is the ability remain humble enough to learn from others to influence your own journey.

Steele comes from the experiences I have had over forty years or trying.

From Our Clients

Hear what our happy clients have to say about Sebastian Steele Insurance.

“I don’t think I have enough words to express my appreciation for Mr. Steele’s great guidance and help for my family.”

Sandy S.

Office Manager and Mom

“They helped me find the right plan for my team. Thank you!”

Andrea N.

Hotel Mgr.

“Robert’s knowledge in the industry helped clear up a lot of questions I had. I feel confident now with great healthcare for my new baby.”

Eduard C.

IT Coordinator, new father

“Smart. To the point. Perfect for my wife and me now that we downsized.”

Tom E.



Insurance Industry Customer Service Experience

Insurance Industry Customer Service Experience

In the current environment, insurers can’t take their customer experience for granted—it’s now a key differentiator in the market. Insurers must focus on retention and loyalty to differentiate themselves in what is becoming an increasingly commoditized industry.

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Are you texting with etiquette? What are your work text boundaries?

Are you texting with etiquette? What are your work text boundaries?

Since the pandemic, social media apps and the breakdown of work-life boundaries have proliferated.

There are tons of opinions all over the board and most just seem like they have been developed on a whim. Let’s look into real live etiquette and how it can apply to texting in 2022.

Texting has become our default mode of communication, especially among Gen X’ers and younger. What may once have been a letter, voice mail, phone call or email now often arrives in a text — and that collapse of contexts makes it tough to know which rules to follow.

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