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The Affordable Care Act was intended to help people but we have now all found out that there are many ways that it made things more difficult and expensive for people in need across the country. Here are the top five difficulties we have found. How about you?

  1. The Middle-Class workers and Small Businesses suffer from higher health care costs
  2. Choices for the Self-Employed dropped significantly and premiums and deductibles spiked.
  3. ACA’s low payout plan to doctors and specialists caused many to ultimately not accept ACA patients
  4. With only about 40% of the population enrolled (10M vs expected 25M) the ACA did not derive enough natural funds and taxpayer money has had to fund the rest
  5. 4 million people have coverage in the individual market, meaning that the total size of the individual market is around 14 million people, which is only about 2 million more people than pre-ACA levels.

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Thank you for taking the time with me to learn more about healthcare available for you and your and loved ones.


Robert Steele, CLU, ChFC

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