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In today’s information-driven economy, data is extremely valuable to nearly every industry and profession, and risk management is no exception. Companies that use data properly can apply it to improve operations and use resources more efficiently.

“With the rapid growth in computational power and more readily available artificial intelligence tools, there is an increased desire across many businesses to develop tools that can help improve decision making,” said Pentti Tofte (pictured above), staff SVP, data analytics at FM Global. “At the core of all this is the need to have high-quality data, and lots of it. Without good data, it will be very challenging to get your analytics and/or AI efforts off the ground.”

This rapid increase in value has led to data being compared to gold. Tofte highlighted the great contribution made by advances in data processing power when it comes to processing data. Compared to 10 or 20 years ago, this capability has improved by leaps and bounds.

Steele Financial Group offers Redirect Health plans, with a full portfolio of health and life insurance products, as well as financial products. Both companies consistently receive high grades from independent insurance analysts.

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