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About the Show:

Beg Borrow Steele is an All-American journey into the life, lessons, and experiences of some of the most influential leaders in almost every industry. Beg is a deep desire to fill a need. Borrow is the ability remain humble enough to learn from others to influence your own journey. Steele comes from the experiences I have had over forty years or trying.

The world is changing rapidly. Changes within the next three to five years will transform some industries, push others to the verge of extinction, and pivot a select few to the moon.

Each episode features senior executives from companies in almost every industry, as we explore the world today and try to pinpoint what organizations need to be successful.

About your host:

My early world was paved by having played for the World Champion Dallas Cowboys and Coach Tom Landry, I learned so much from my eighteen months wearing a Dallas Cowboys uniform. I called that time my MBA in business philosophy.

The business traits I possess today were influenced by some great business and sports superstars at the ripe old age of twenty-two. For the next forty years I have had many successes and many disappointments. Thanks to my experience as a professional athlete, I learned early on to never stopped getting back up and aim to win at all costs. I call it the Steele Resolve.

As someone who believes in lifelong learning, we must always believe that iron sharpens iron. I will never profess to be the smartest guy in the room. I will however, read the room to see who the movers and shakers are, who I want to meet, and more importantly who I want to spend time with.

My only desire is to educate, entertain, enlighten, and encourage to become the best that you can become. We will have guest you will love and respect. We will have guests that you may vehemently oppose. My only ask is that you allow both opinions to be heard.

Beg Borrow Steele

Host: Robert Steele

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