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Steele Here: an underdog story Robert H Steele book

Steele Here: An Underdog’s Secret to Success is about dreaming big. For author, former state representative, and former NFL player Robert Steele, the dream was to make the Dallas Cowboys roster. Though he was a chronic underdog (the training camp depth chart had him dead last among the receivers), Robert’s incredible work ethic, tireless enthusiasm, and determination landed him on the team for the ’78 season.

From the start, Robert had to work harder and longer than everyone else to succeed. Despite the exhaustion, his dedication paid off. Decades later, Robert reflects on lessons learned from football legends, like Roger Staubach, Mike Ditka, Dan Reeves, and Tom Landry, along with a host of teammates.

Using the relentless work ethic he learned on the field, Robert has since become a business success. With inside details of pro football and advice for any underdogs, Steele Here is a reflection on tenacity, integrity, and the success they bring to those who have been counted out.