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SteeleFG Hosted Events

January 29, 2022

NEW! ASA SouthEast Live Event at iTech

Join Us Saturday January 29th 8am-5pm for top notch live training

  • Essential Diagnostic Steps
  • Hybrid Training
  • Healthcare for you and your whole crew at 40% savings

October 29, 2021  –  7:30am

End the Fight with Healthcare

How ‘Smart’ health plans create a business advantage and save money.

Speakers include:

  • Robert Steele of Sebastian Steele Insurance
  • David Berg of Redirect Health
  • John Troutman of Mazzitti & Sullivan

Come hear the story of two doctors from Canada and the Mayor of Phoenix who turned healthcare thinking on its head by engineering an affordable way for small businesses around the US to offer healthcare ALL their employees can truly afford.


Cherokee Town Club, Atlanta, GA 30305

Seating is limited so please RSVP ASAP!

July 07, 2021

NEW! for Auto Repair Shops:

Health Insurance at 40% – 50% Savings